Learning Teaching Training Activity

The heart of this project was our Learning Teaching Training Activity from 17 to 21 May in Salzburg. In this Activity, the partners tested their tools for the Toolbox, and evaluated them in terms of their suitability for the target group.

Each day of the Activity, the representatives of the partners gathered in the morning for a briefing session and to evaluate the previous day's workshop by the categories - what was good, what was bad, what is to improve. After lunch, the partners prepared the setting of each workshop together. This made a profound knowledge exchange possible, while preparing the place for the local participants. The local participants - youth in general, youth with educational difficulties and NEET - tested the tools for the Toolbox by participating in the workshops. Their feedback and their evaluation played a crucial role for the creation of the toolbox and the suitability of the tools for them - Youth - as a target group.

Each day ended with an evaluation of the tool by the local participant and dinner, where partners and local participants were invited.