Show Time

Tool by: ANEVE (Portugal)

What are the Goals of this Tool?

This tool explores the applicability of Stage Performances and Education through Art. The Tool empowers Educators with examples of Good Practices in Inclusive Education. Aimed for young people who do not adapt to Formal Education, it will respond to their skills and interests, related to Art and Creativity.

TOOL: Show Time!

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Required Materials/Logistics: stage performance, information about important steps and technical requirements (e.g. cameras to record rehearsal to enable learners autoscopy and improvement, sound and lightning mixers, written instructions, video selection for the performances, music, choreographies, sketches, etc. using YouTube videos.


By using the short and long versions of Show/Perform Yourself, will be possible, to the youth workers, to adapt the tool to 1- or 4-days’ workshop/sessions.

  1. First day/hour/session – what is for the gathering and allocation of all required performance components.

  2. Second session – How - to use handle the equipment + how to perform on the stage.

  3. Third session, - How – to film/record the performance rehearsals to visualise and evaluate; to project in the wall/projecting area during the performance.

  4. Fourth session – why – By visualising the performance rehearsals of the third session, will be possible to analyse, evaluate and improve the quality of the performance.

Important: take notes using the printed copies of e.g. script, technical rider as visible in the attachments.