Web Tools

Tool by: Lidi Smart Solutions (Netherlands)

What are the Goals of this Tool?

  • Developing web research skills.

  • Learning how to open an online account.

  • Learning how to use online graphic tools.

  • Developing presentation skills.

  • Learning how to make presentations using web tools (Google slides).

  • Developing and practising soft skills – being a team player, decision making skills.

  • Obtaining knowledge in the fields of the web graphic tools, web presentations tools, web platforms for artists

Impact on Youth

  • to be more computer-literate

  • to learn how to organise knowledge or experiences made in a digital format, making it accessible and readable for others

  • to enhance creativity and creative thinking


Digital artwork and publications created with online Tools

TOOL: Web Tools Workshop

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Aim: Learning through doing. Project and team based interactive training.

Required materials/logistic ressources: Computers – desktops or laptops, pens, paper and internet connection


1. Icebreaker will be carried out in order to create a positive atmosphere, acceptance between the participants and motivation for work. The type of icebreaker will depend on if the participants know each other previously or not (20-30min).

2. Forming teams and choosing names of the teams (10min).

  • 3. Art work project – each team will have to create an art work project going through several stages: Research stage – participants will carry out a research to find out what kind of graphic design tools are available online;

  • Opening account – each team will need to open an account and work with one of the graphic tools (preferably Canva);

  • Choosing a topic for the art work from a list of topics below or choose their own topic:

Form: Poster, card, ticket, Infographic Brainstorm and explore the features of the graphic tool and create their team art work.

4. Presentation project – each team will have to make a presentation to present the results of their previous project. The project will go through several stages:

  • Researching how Google slides works;

  • Creating their presentation to show the results of their research and their artwork.

  • Giving out the presentation.

5. Research project on the topic of where and how to create an online profile of an artist – existing platforms and needed details and elements to successfully create a profile.

6. Research project on the existing platforms to sell artworks.