Zines are a very simple method to deal with a topic, collect and re-arrange information and answer questions in an individual and creative approach while making one's own publication!

19. May 2022 - 15:00 h

Zines making does not follow any strict rules or guidelines. Zine Making is a welcome method for self-reflection, dealing with questions about life plans and how to see the own environment. You only need to stay within the borders of your magazine pages – or not even that. Fully engage with your work and use the material and way of expression you prefer – With Zine-Making, there are no rules regarding language use, slang or grammar. Painting or drawing, cutting and glueing - any style is accepted. Create unusual combinations out of the norm with collages on topics of your choice while listening to experts share their knowledge about job opportunities and obstacles in the field of Arts and Creativity.

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Creating the zines
Working together
MIni Zine on black paper