Romeo & Juliet

This workshop combining Theatre and Sport enhanced body expressoin and verbal expression, made participants more aware about their physical abilities and made them gain more self-confidence!

18. May 2022 - 15:00 h

Theatre and sport. Physical action and theatrical action. Young and adult together. Shakespeare and his most popular tragedy: Romeo and Juliet.

These are the main elements of the workshop that aimed at describing in a playful and artistic way the fight between two families of the Shakespearean tragedy: Montague and Capulet.

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Young people belonging to the two families cross Verona’s streets as thousands of children do daily in their cities. They do not know kindness, they have been educated to hate, resentment and violence and, when they cross the same path, sparks trigger. The powerful relationship that exists between theatre and sport allows us to abandon swords and fighting to sink into the violence and hardness of the most popular European sport: football. Montague and Capulet do not challenge each other to foil, but to balloon, as thousands of rival gangs have done in the suburbs of the Europeans cities. In these home games, with cars parked to mark the boundaries of the field, teenagers play to the death mixing football and what is beyond football, literature and life. Like the kids of Pasolini’s life have nothing to lose and play, they play until the last breath. The teenagers involved in the workshop will be called, through the game of football, to experience the theatre. Each will be given a few lines to study by heart that will be used during the workshop.

Using the previous day's set-up to create a dramatic atmosphere
Monitoring the workshop:
Francesca Macri, director of Fattore K
Actor, Author and Trainer
Andrea Trapani during the workshop