Transnational Project Meetings

Kick-Off Meeting in The Hague

1st Transnationals Project Meeting | 5 October 2021

After several online meetings, the partners met for the first time in The Hague. Lidia Dimitrova from Lidi Smart Solutions hosted the meeting, being a successful start for the ongoing Strategic Partnership. Apart from getting to know each other, the first crucial steps for the project were taken during this meeting. If you want to take a closer look at the agenda, you can check out our InfoPack!

Monitoring Meeting in Lisbon

2nd Transnational Project Meeting | 3 December 2021

Being overshadowed by the ongoing Corona Pandemic, the 2nd TPM in Lisbon was hosted by ANEVE, represented by its current president Pedro Barcelos. Unfortunately, the Italian partner could only participate online due to quarantine. But still, the partners worked hard and set the next steps for the implementation of the Learning Teaching Training Activity in Salzburg and the website for the project.

The agenda of this meeting can be found in the InfoPack

Evaluation Meeting in Rome

3rd Transnational Project Meeting | 1 June 2022

The last TPM within the Strategic Partnership was held in the heart of Rome, in the Teatro Basilica. In this pittoresque setting, the partners were welcomed by Francesca Macri, Andrea Trapani and Fernando Ippoliti. The partnership was evaluated as positive and a great opportunity to make experiences, learn and share knowledge. There were some critical points - like the number of participants during the workshops during the LTTA, which was below expectations. But overall, the partnership was seen as successful and a follow-up is likely to happen!

The agenda of this meeting can be found in the InfoPack.