Web Tools
for Digital Design

The Workshop on Web Tools taught how to professionally use online graphic tools and make your own digital publication!

20. May 2022 - 15:00 h

Introduction Video

What was waiting for the participants in this workshop?

With the help of the experts from Lidi Smart Solutions, the participants of our Learning Teaching Training Activity learnt how to use the new and innovative graphic web tools. Like this, they developed computer literacy and became more up to date with the new technologies of our rapid changing environment. Being part of the age of digitalization while exploring the own artistic talent and creating art work, the participants enjoyed a group work with other talented youth.

You want to know more about the tool created and tested during this workshop? Check out our Toolbox!


In the first stage of the workshop, the participants had to decide which topic they want to work on. They could create a folder or any other digital publication about the performance they created in the first days of the Activity, or, as they had preferred in this case, on another topic of their choice.

Working in a team

The digital publication was created in small teams, supporting each other and sharing ideas.

The trainers of Lidi Smart Solutions were always available to solve issues, give ideas, and to guide the participants.

Many thanks to Lidia Dimitrova and her assistant Konstantin!

Preparing the workshop
Research stage
Special thanks to FS1 community TV for lending us the equipment!